Filipinos in the UAE who want to send balikbayan boxes or care boxes home now have a wider choice with the launch of My Cargo’s door-to-door delivery service to the Philippines on September 22, 2023.

“We want to add a touch of ‘Pusong Pinoy’ (Filipino heart) to our services as a tribute to the Filipino spirit in carrying their balikbayan boxes home,” said Taarik Booso, Managing Director of My Cargo, at the launch on Friday (September 22). Layan De Silva, Group General Manager, echoed the same sentiment.

Booso said that he is confident that My Cargo will win Filipinos’ trust in the UAE because of its “dependability” and “seamless” service.

“We have our own containers, a shipping line and a warehouse in Dubai,” Booso said, explaining why My Cargo has better control to handle boxes with care and deliver them on time.  My Cargo is part of the Sea Master Group, a logistic solutions provider headquartered in Sri Lanka, and with global offices in UAE, India, Japan, Canada, Australia, US and more. Opening its Philippine corridor further expands its presence in Asia.

“Through our services, we share the richness of the Philippines with the world, making every shipment a piece of treasure,” said Anuruddha Withanarachchi, also Managing Director of My Cargo.

Roy Silvano, My Cargo Manager for Philippine Sector to UAE, said that its balikbayan box service is priced competitively, and that early bird customers will get a 15 percent discount. My Cargo’s average delivery period for a balikbayan box to Manila is 30 days, he added.

My Cargo’s Dubai office is located in Mubarak Building, Karama. The company also offers air cargo, commercial cargo service, and unaccompanied passenger baggage service